Haircuts in Tokyo: What to Know

One of the challenges I didn't foresee upon moving to Japan was getting my haircut. For some reason, the idea that this seemingly mundane task back home would become an almost overwhelming obstacle had never crossed my mind. Setting aside the language barrier, which is already a huge challenge, there are also a few Japan-specific [...]

Getting A Japanese Driver’s License – Part 2

If you're reading this post, I'm assuming you have already finished Part 1 of Getting A Japanese Driver’s License. This post continues from that one and goes over the remainder of the process, so be sure to check that one out before reading on! At this point, you have handed in all of your paperwork, [...]

Getting A Japanese Driver’s License – Part 1

For a long while, the idea of getting a Japanese driver's license was enigmatic for me. I had heard lots of rumors of how difficult it was and of the complications imposed on you when you actually did get one (apparently for Italians, once you get your Japanese driver's license your Italian license is revoked). [...]